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Economic Inclusion Plan

The City of Cleveland has implemented a number of strategies to address economic inclusion.  A number of laws have been passed by City Council and have been implemented to encourage participation for various excluded groups including:

Chapter 187: Minority, Female and Certified Small Business Participation

Chapter 188: Cleveland Resident Employment

Chapter 189: Living Wage

Chapter 187A: Local Producer

Our Economic Development Plan for Economic Inclusion is designed to encourage and promote entrepreneurs, cooperatives, emerging and existing small businesses, minority businesses and to support the growth of existing businesses that can provide quality jobs by providing information on resources, by providing access to capital and by providing physical space for their companies.  Many of our efforts represent public/private as well as public/private/philanthropic partnerships.  Working together with other organizations leverages our resources to maximize benefit to the community without costly duplication of resources.  The plan consists of the following efforts:

  • Business Retention Our growth relies on retaining our existing companies and creating an environment where they can grow and create new jobs

  • Creation of New Businesses- The City needs to have a positive business climate for the creation and/or attraction of new businesses

  • Attraction of Investment- The City needs to be able to attract investment by developers, venture capital and individual businesses

  • Procurement- With so much investment happening currently, the City has implemented strategies so our entire community can participate in our growth

  • Workforce- Our existing companies and new businesses need a skilled workforce- we need to train for the jobs of tomorrow