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Cleveland's Metal Production & Fabrication Industry

Northeast Ohio is a leading center for steel and metals production and accounts for 10% of overall U.S. output, with integrated mills and mini-mills producing sheet, bar and tubing, as well as more than 3,000 fabricated metal product and machinery manufacturing companies. 

Location has been Cleveland's potent metallurgical advantage since the mid-ninteenth century because its situation on Lake Erie at the convergence of numerous railroad lines make it an ideal meeting place for iron ore and coal.

Additionally, the Northeast Ohio region is an ideal environment for metal production and fabrication companies. Our region offers an exceptional distribution infrastructure, a relatively low cost of doing business and a talented, dedicated workforce of more than 106,000 individuals trained in metal production and fabrication. Moreover, Ohio's manufacturing efficiency is boosted by the large shale and natural gas energy supply located in the Northeastern part of the state. 

Demand and supply for Cleveland's steel companies seems to remain stable despite challenging market conditions. ArcelorMittal was the world's larges crude steel producer in 2014. ArcelorMittal Cleveland has, per president Dan Boone, 1,500 hourly workers at the Cleveland plant and they have been taking applications to hire additional workers.

With more than 3,400 establishments, AK Steel, Diebold, ArcelorMittal Cleveland, Parker Hannifin, Swagelok, Tata Steel and Timken, to name a few - representing every link in the supply chain, Northeast Ohio offers limitless opportunities to create partnerships that can help businesses who rely on the metals and steel industries thrive.

Below are more facts on Northeast Ohio’s metal and steel industry provided by TeamNeo:

  • In all Metal Production and Fabrication there are over 2,000 companies employing 78,000 people in Northeast Ohio (NAICS 331,332) (EMSI 2015)

  • Since 2009, Metal Production & Fabrication employment has grown 10% adding 6,000 jobs in Northeast Ohio. (EMSI 2015)

  • Northeast Ohio has 200% more employment in Metal Production & Fabrication than the national average. This is a testament to the great strength, expertise and importance of the sector here in Northeast Ohio. (EMSI 2015)

  • 200 companies employ nearly 17,000 people working in Steel Production alone in Northeast Ohio. (NAICS 3311, 3312, 3315) (EMSI 2015)

  • The entire Metalworking sector in NEO is a $13 Billion dollar industry. (

  • Ohio is ranked #1 in Forging & Roll Forming & #2 in Iron & Steel Mills (Ohio Manufacturers Association 2012, % of total Shipments)

  • The Cleveland Metro has the 3rd most employment of any metro in Primary Metal Production Sector which includes steel, iron, aluminum, and copper production. (EMSI 2015) (Chicago and Pitt are 1 & 2)

  • Ohio is the 2nd largest state for employment in Machinery Manufacturing employment. The Cleveland Metro Area is ranked 7th of all metros with over 16,000 workers. (NAICS 333) (EMSI 2015)