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International Business Development in Cleveland - Recent Projects



This Swiss international conglomerate could have expanded anywhere in the world but selected Cleveland due to the excellent logistical advantages. L.J. Minor Factory was located on Cleveland’s west side for 60 years and was purchased by Nestle in 1968. As a producer of high quality bases and stock products, L.J. Minor, a part of Nestle Professional, has over 140 culinary products enjoyed by both culinary professionals and their clients. The facility recently completed a multi-million dollar expansion that added over 50,000 square feet to the existing space and incorporates advanced technologies and processes. This expansion retained over 240 jobs and created an additional 20 jobs. Nestle/L.J. Minor is proud to say that not one employee has been laid off from the company since its beginning. The City of Cleveland provided Nesle with a $250,000 UDAG Forgivable Loan to assist with the expansion.


International Gay Games

The Gay Games were conceived in 1980 by Dr. Tom Waddell as a "vehicle of change." In 1982, San Francisco was the first city to host the Gay Games and became the foundation City for the event held every four years. For 32 years, the Gay Games have built an international legacy of changing cultural, social and political attitudes towards LGBT people across the globe, while at the same time empowering tens of thousands with the transforming benefits of sports competition. On September 29, 2009, at the annual meeting in Cologne, Germany, Cleveland was selected over Boston and Washington D. C. as the 9th Gay Games host City. The sport & cultural event will be held from August 9th through August 16th in 2014.  The international sport and cultural event will bring thousands of athletes, participants, to both Cleveland and Akron. 


Hansa Haus Brewery

In May 2011, Mayor Frank Jackson embarked on a trade mission to Slovenia with the goal of communicating his desire for Cleveland to be known as an international business destination. This mission was particularly important because Cleveland has the largest Slovenian population outside of Slovenia. Mayor Frank Jackson’s trip was successful and Lasko Pivovarna became interested in Cleveland as the location for its first Lasko brewery in the United States. 

After a lengthy due diligence period, Lasko moved forward with Cleveland as its first North American location. Local Cleveland business Hansa Import House, received the only liscense in the U.S. to brew Lasko beer and is constructing a brewpub in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood named the Hansa Haus Brewery. Hansa Haus will brew Lasko Pivovarna among other European-style recipes with the intent of eventually exporting the product all over North America. 

The City of Cleveland, Department of Economic Development provided a Vacant Properties Initiative Forgivable Loan of $180,000, an EDA Title IX Equipment Loan of $126,600 and a Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program loan of $40,000 to help finance the project. The project will create at least 25 new jobs. 


S&P Data LLC

Innovative and rapidly expanding, S&P Data opened their downtown Cleveland call center and U.S. corporate headquarters in 2010, jumping from 200 employees in 2013 to currently over 400 employees in a 80,000 sq. ft. space located in Post Office Plaza building at the Tower City complex. Their spacious offices offer 18’ ceilings and spacious work stations allowing for range of movement, and freedom of thought for innovation.

The Cleveland headquarters of S&P Data on the outside looks like just a call center, but they are “much, much more” says Dan Plashkes, CEO and Partner.  A serial entrepreneur, Plashkes started the U.S.-based company in 2005, and said he originally founded S&P Data to bring call center jobs back to North America from overseas.

Plashkes decided on Cleveland as the U.S. headquarters because of its talented workforce and to take advantage of the large corporations in the area that could benefit from outsourcing to S&P Data.  An industry leader providing state of the art in contact center technology, S&P Data provides “high-end-call-center-work” for major businesses unwilling to send their calls overseas.  In Cleveland, the company has an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients.

Daniel Bemis, President of U.S. Operations said, “The Cleveland office is working to develop the next generation of call center including Social Media or ‘contact-center-solution’ services, leading the industry in customer outreach and helping our Fortune 500 clients better build their brand.”
S&P Data’s area of specialty includes Consumer,  Small and Medium business, primarily inbound and blended sales solutions and customer service designed for telecommunications, financial services, satellite broadcast services, cable services, energy providers, retail, technology, logistics and plans to expand into the health care industry.
David Geiger, President of Emergin Markets,  says the company is determined to be on the forefront of emerging social media technologies, willing to discover the better and faster client interaction in order to provide a high-level of customer satisfaction and engagement.  A pilot, SMS texting program is currently being developed for release for this year’s holiday season primarily for big box retailers.
S&P Data’s goal is also to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. It has recently launched a service that provides management solutions to businesses that “work in the field.”  This service offers the convenience of invoicing and payment processing from a job site and increases efficiencies of crews going from job to job through GPS integration. 

The City of Cleveland assisted with an $800,000 financial package to attract the international company to the City. In addition, Ohio Means Jobs (formerly Employment Connection), has been a valuable resource with assisting S & P Data by providing a pool of individuals with the appropriate skills to fill the growing job opportunities the company needs.

Alexander Mann Solutions

In 2012, Alexander Mann Solutions chose Cleveland over Raleigh, North Carolina as the center of its U.S. operations. The recruitment services-company, based in the United Kingdom, almost made the southern City their choice for operations before a Cleveland businessman and economic development officials convinced the executives to choose Cleveland. Based in London, Alexander Mann Solutions employs more than 1,800 people, and assists clients in more than 60 countries. Cleveland is the firm's fifth operations center, with additional hubs in the U.K., China, the Philippines and Poland. The growing international company has committed to creating 300 jobs and a $13 million payroll in Cleveland.