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Storefront Renovation Program

The Storefront Renovation Program assists targeted neighborhood retail districts in becoming attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to shop. The program helps fund the rehabilitation/renovation of (primarily) traditional storefront building exteriors including:

  • Bringing them into Building Code compliance
  • Correction of maintenance items and code violations
  • Renovation of architectural/historic details
  • Site improvements
  • Design and installation of new signage
The Storefront Program has two building rebate scales based on two criteria:
1) the location of the building
  • in a Target Area = 40% rebate up to $25,000
  • outside of a target area = 40% rebate up to $15,000
2) that the building was originally built as a traditional storefront building or  commercial service (ie gas stations or service garages)
The target areas this year are based on City Planning’s Sustainable Development Pattern (SDP) Map (data download). The SDP map outlines areas in the city that currently have the highest potential for development around Neighborhood Retail Districts supported by residential density and public transportation. It is these areas that the SRP considers Target Areas. Outside of these areas, any eligible building is able to receive the 40% up to $15,000 rebate.

If you would like to request additional information please contact the Department of Community Development by email or call 216.664.2869.