A New Era of Radio is Here with oWow Media

Cleveland radio industry legends John Gorman and Jim Marchyshyn have teamed up again to bring Clevelanders a mix of “timeless rock music which will feature the best of the new, recent, and classics.”

Their new radio format, “will take listeners forward and backward at the same time; oWow Radio aims to re-capture the historical moment [in the 1970s when migration from the AM band to the FM band was new] and it’s freewheeling, wild-west sense of possibility and combine it with the cutting edge of today’s digital culture: online radio.” [1]

John and Jim both worked for Cleveland’s legendary radio station WMMS as Operation’s Manager and Director of Marketing respectively and using their combined industry knowledge helped bring a Cleveland centric internet radio experience to their listeners.

Residing in the newly renovated W. 78th Studios Gallery located in the Gordon Square Arts District, oWOW Cleveland is the first locally owned and programmed internet rock station. Here, Gorman, Marchyshyn, CFO Janet Parker and their team of oWOW personalities will curate a sound that is unique to Cleveland and yet have “hyper-local content.” [1]

Listeners will experience featured personalities such as Ravenna Miceli (photo above), Steve Pappas, Susie Frazier and Charlotte DeFranco who will put their own special touch into oWOW’s music mix.

Believing that “technology doesn’t stop,” oWOW owners wanted to position the new radio station to take advantage of the latest technology. Listeners will have access to their high quality programing anywhere they have access to the internet; especially now that vehicles come equipped with internet availability. oWOW Cleveland expressed they will also have a stand-alone app listeners can download on their smart phones.

To assist with the startup cost for this new venture the City of Cleveland and the Department of Economic Development with the Municipal Small Business Initiative provided a performance grant in the amount of $50,000 which helped oWOW meet SBA equity injection requirements.

To learn more about this project or how our Municipal Small Business Initiative can help your business, please contact Michael Elliott at 216.664.4470.

[1] Rowland, Daryl “New Internet Radio Station Modeled on Heyday of FM Radio” The Huffington Post, 2015.