Vacant Property Initiative

The Vacant Property Initiative helps overcome barriers in the full reuse of abandoned, idled or underutilized commercial and industrial properties within Cleveland. Eligible activities are property acquisition, environmental site assessments, site clearance and demolition, “as is” and “as completed” property appraisals, new construction and renovation.

For complete program details and eligibility requirements, please download the Vacant Property Initiative brochure.

To apply please fill out our application.

Success Story: Rockport Construction
Rockport Construction, a 20-year old, female-owned small trucking company that outgrew their facility, was leasing City property that was needed for a new police station. They asked for help finding a new location. In 2009, they found 6.8 acres of vacant land located at 3092 Rockefeller Avenue that would allow them to build a new state-of-the-art concrete batch plant, a computerized material handling system and to move their yard and headquarters to the site. Total project costs were approximately $2 million. The company could not get all the bank financing they would need for the project and the cost would prevent them from hiring and expanding. The property had been vacant for over 5 years. The City of Cleveland assisted with a $320,000 VPI forgivable loan to write down the renovation costs associated with the industrial site based upon the creation of 5 full-time jobs and the retention of 15 full-time jobs.